i hate my life, i hate myself, and everyone hates me except for my dog

I first envisioned the idea for this EP about four years ago. I had been going through a really rough time- my family had all recently moved out of state, my band kicked me out, and I felt trapped in a toxic relationship. I was experiencing feelings of hopelessness and self hate and the only one who was there for me during that time was my terrier Delilah.

Lyrically, these songs depict the struggles of everyday life that my generation experiences all too often. Graduating college only to land a minimum wage dead end job, living with depression and anxiety, and finding closure in trauma.

Shout out to the Mountain Goats for being a huge inspiration for the track "Going to Rutland." As well as Taco Bell. BRING TACO BELL TO BURLINGTON VT.

All songs written by Meghan Burke

Recorded and mixed at Robot Dog Studio by Ryan Cohen

Violin on "Lucky" was written and performed by Nelson Rock and recorded at BluVudu Productions by John Bradley

Artwork by Tyler Jackson

Cover Design by Brian LaClair

Copyright (c) 2020




This is the first song I recorded! Grab it for free from Bandcamp!

Released September 8, 2019

Written by Meghan Burke

Recorded and mixed at Robot Dog Studio by Ryan Cohen

Artwork by Meghan Burke

(c) 2019

Copyright © 2020 SNOW DAY